Custom Doors, Windows and Warranty

Ask us about custom…really custom.

There is currently a high demand for customization in the door industry. The modern entry door is a hallmark piece of a home and represents a homeowner’s individual brand. Today that brand can take on many different looks. It can be expressed by a pop of color, a special species of wood, one’s unique cultural style or the incorporation of distinctive glass in the door or in transoms and sidelights.

JMI is unique in our industry due to our in-house custom shop. This allows property owners to customize their windows with designs that stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. From a clean, modern aesthetic to a more traditional iconic look, JMI will make your personal style possible.

Limited One-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

For a period of one year from date of shipment, all JMI custom built stile and rail doors and/or wood windows shall be free of defects which would render our products unserviceable or unfit for their recommended use.Our Limited One-Year Warranty is valid only for the purchasers of our custom products…